manuel ii komnenos

Andronikos I Komnenos as Byzantine emperor . Left the treasury full of gold and silver. John, almost constantly on campaign throughout his reign, would continue the military successes of his father Alexios I with significant victories in the Balkans, Armenia, and Asia Minor.The Byzantine Empire, thus, regained something of its former sparkle and the respect of its rivals across … Manuel Komnenos, (d. 1025), Solider from Comne, near Adrianople, later General of Emperor Basil II, granted lands in Castamon, Paphlagonia, married with issue. However, the armchair archaeology of this work remains confused and obscure, and can benefit from a fresh review of the evidence. Massacre of the Latins in Constantinople, 1182 . Manuel Komnenos oli Johannes II Komnenoksen ja unkarilaisen prinsessan Piroskan (myöhemmin Irene) neljäs poika. 61 Regel, W., Fontes rerum byzantinarum: Rhetorum saeculi XII orationes politicae, 2 vols. Alexios II Komnenos (r. 1180-1183), son of Manuel I and Maria of Antioch . Manuel Erotikos Komnenos (Greek Μανουήλ Ερωτικός Κομνηνός) was a Byzantine military leader under Basil II, and the first fully documented ancestor of the Komnenos dynasty. Manuel Erotikos Komnenos was the father of Isaac I Komnenos (reigned 1057-1059) and grandfather, through Isaac’s younger brother John Komnenos, of Alexios I Komnenos (reigned 1081-1118). That the emperor Manuel I Komnenos (1143–80) was responsible for some building activity in the Great Palace of Constantinople is a fact well attested by published sources and not entirely unknown to modern scholarship. [3] His maternal grandfather was St. Ladislaus . John II Komnenos “the Handsome” was emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 1118 CE to 1143 CE. Manuel Komnenos was the fourth son of John II Komnenos and Piroska of Hungary, so it seemed very unlikely that he would succeed his father. 1.1. When Manuel died, he was succeeded by his young son Alexios II Komnenos, who was under the guardianship of the empress Maria. (St. Petersburg 1892 –1917) II, 191–228, at 212–13, cited after Magdalino, The Empire of Manuel I Komnenos, 487–8. Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos (r. 1183-1185), cousin of Manuel I . Isaac I Komnenos, a Stratopedarch of the East under Michael VI, founded the Komnenos dynasty of Byzantine emperors. The Byzantine Empire (purple) in 1180 . Komnenos (Greek: Κομνηνός; Latinized Comnenus; plural Komnenoi or Comneni (Κομνηνοί, )) is a noble family who ruled the Byzantine Empire from 1081 to 1185, and later, as the Grand Komnenoi (Μεγαλοκομνηνοί, Megalokomnenoi) founded and ruled the Empire of Trebizond (1204–1461). Died in his bed and got the last available tomb in Constantine's Mausoleum in the Church of the Holy Apostles. Perimäjärjestyksen vuoksi oli hyvin epätodennäköistä, että Manuelista olisi tullut isänsä seuraaja hallitsijana. He married two western princesses (Bertha of Sulzbach [q.v.] and Maria ofAntioch), awarded civil and military posts to Latins, and even participated in knightly tournaments Founding the dynasty. Manuel was a great admirer of the West. Isaac I Komnenos, (1005-1061), Byzantine Emperor, (r 1057-1061) , married to Princess Ekaterina of Bulgaria , (d/o Ivan Vladislav) , with issue. Marie of Antioch, a very pretty French Princess, was the second wife of Manuel I Komnenos. Manuel Komnenos (Greek: Μανουήλ Κομνηνός, romanized: Manouēl Komnēnos; 1145–1185?) Byzantine Thessaloniki . Basil II the Bulgar Slayer and Never-Married, probably gay. Emperor (q.v.) from 1143 1180.

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